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Have you ever been standing over your ironing board thinking you’d rather be doing something more rewarding with your time? Or been at home to watch over the cleaning lady doing your ironing and thought wouldn’t a nice walk in the park be more fun? We’ve all had that thought. Wouldn’t my time be better spent reading a story to my kids? Enjoying some alone time at the spa? Having a romantic night out with my spouse? Getting some extra work done for the office?

With our new, free to download, Click Dryclean app you can use your time more wisely! Unlike other dry cleaning app, Click Dryclean allows the user to connect with the most highly rated local dry cleaners.

With just the click of a few buttons, users can pick a time and place to have their dry cleaning  picked up and dropped off, at no additional charge or fee, at a time you prefer and have it cleaned and returned, while you spend the time gained relaxing or doing something you enjoy.

The Click Dryclean app goes beyond dry cleaning services, offering alterations, shoe repair, and key cutting, all picked up and dropped of at the time and place of your most convenience.

We understand what it takes to become a story of success and we value our users satisfaction above all. That is why we select only the best dry cleaning shops with excellent reviews and reputation to ensure we deliver to 100% of our user’s expectation. 

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