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    Caring for Fur
    June 01, 2015
    By Michaela Cook

    We all know how fabulous fur garments can be; but if not properly cared for, your favorite fur could go from fab to drab. That’s why Click Dryclean asked Mr. Sisman of Starshine Dry Cleaners how someone at home should properly care for their fur garments. Mr. Sisman recommended that you keep your fur stored in a dry place and to take it in for cleaning immediately if the garment is stained, in order to keep the stain from soaking all the way into the fur.


    Click Dryclean also asked Mr. Sisman how Starshine effectively cleans fur garments.


    “We have hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine in addition the perc machine. The hc [hydrocarbon] is used to clean garments such as fur and leather, as it's a delicate solvent.”


    Click Dryclean learned that Starshine cleaned garments for the 2012 Olympics, and we wanted to know more about the history of Starshine Dry Cleaners.


    “For more than 25 years, the Sisman family has been dedicated to providing the finest in quality fabric care. My father and I created the brand Starshine Dry Cleaners back in 2004, when we set-up our flagship premises in Welling, London. The site is equipped with the latest technological advances and machinery available, together with our combined knowledge and skills our service is second to none.

    We spare no expense in providing extraordinary service and take a great deal of pride in producing the best look and feel in garments and fabrics available today.

    Whether you entrust us with a couture suit, an elaborate gown, casual clothing, or linens and drapes, be assured that your fabrics will receive the utmost care.”

    With the help and guidance of Click Dryclean and Starshine Dry Cleaners, you can keep your favorite fabulous furs from going from fab to drab.


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