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    How to Care For Wedding Gowns
    August 03, 2015
    By Michaela Cook


    With wedding season in full swing Click Dryclean wanted to put a spotlight on the best recognized cleaner in London, and a leader in wedding gown cleaning, White Roses Ltd. who also happens to be one of our cleaners.




    We asked Charles a manager at White Roses Ltd. to explain how his shop successfully takes care of and cleans wedding gowns.

    “Each dress is inspected and examined for specific areas requiring attention. Any damages are noted and photos are taken. We offer a repair service to the customer for repairable damages. The dress is valuated for serviceability. Specific hand treatment and spotting prior to cleaning using individual stain removal techniques. This process can take several hours. We have multiple types of dry cleaning processes available to us as well as wet cleaning and polymer bead cleaning. The procedure used will depend on the nature of the dress.”

    We all know how much fun wedding receptions can be, with all of the dancing, wine, and food. So we asked Charles what the best course of action would be if someone were to accidently spill wine or food on their gown during all of the merriment of the celebration.

    “We ask that customers wipe gently with a dry cloth and send for

    cleaning as soon as possible informing us of the nature of the stains.”

    If you can’t make it to the cleaner right away, there are some additional steps that Click Dryclean suggests to take if you have spilled wine on your garment.

    1. Pour water on the stain

    2. Cover the stain in salt

    3. Boil water and pur over stain

    4. Soak in vinegar 

    Since White Roses Ltd. is the best recognized cleaner in London, a title that is not easy to come by, we asked if they had cleaned any interesting or particularly difficult items in the past.

    “We cleaned the mascot for the FA at the Wembley Stadium. It was hand cleaned and placed in the ozone cabinet which is a deodoriser. We also clean costumes for Madam Tussauds.”

    Click Dryclean wanted to know a little background on White Roses Ltd., and how they came to be the best recognized cleaner in London.

    “Established in 1972, White Rose Laundries commenced trading in a retail outlet in Shepherds Bush, West London.  In 1977, our current Managing Director, Ejaz A Osmani took over the business from his parents and grew the family business to its present day leading position. We believe in vertically integrating as much of the cleaning process as possible in order to achieve the high standards set by ourselves and ultimately, our Client base.  To this end we own and operate a modern fleet of vans used to personally collect and delivery your garments in pristine condition.  Our Factory unit in Park Royal is conveniently located to serve the West End and City of London using the latest technologies including Alternative Chemicals Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, and Polymer Bead Technology. Our highly skilled team take great pride in providing you with a consistent high quality finish through careful use of automated machinery as well as fine hand finishing.  Tours of the facility can be made by prior arrangement. White Rose also operates three retail locations. The first is where we started in 1972 in Shepherds Bush and the other two are located in the West End. In addition to our own brand, we manage the Dry Cleaning Direct, Office Collection Service, Just Shirts and the High End Specialist Cleaning Service, Perry de Montaignac specialising in Wedding and Fine Evening Apparel.”


    Wedding season can be one of the funnest times of the year, but it’s not so fun if you spill something on your fancy clothes. That’s why Click Dryclean put a spotlight on White Roses Ltd, to help you make it through the season stain free.

  • Andrew
    10 Aug,2015

    I just got engaged but I'll definitely send over the wedding dress of my miss them after our special day!

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