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    Caring for the Most Royal of Fabrics
    August 03, 2015
    By Michaela Cook

    Velvet is one of the most luxurious of fabrics, first introduced in Baghdad thousands of years go, and most often associated with royalty. The rich history of the beautiful and soft fabric inspired Click Dryclean to ask Zubair of Regent Drycleaners how his shop cares for the most regal and royal of fabrics.

    “Velvet is a beautiful material when cleaned professionally it will last for years but if it is not handled by a professional [it will not]. Dry cleaning with a special detergent keeps velvet soft and luscious.”

    Since velvet is such a difficult to care for item we asked Zubair if he had any pointers for people at home on how to care for their velvet garments.

    “Never rub stains either with your hand or nails as this will damage the pile of the velvet, which cannot be repaired. Always keep the garment as dry as possible especially away from rain, cover the garment in a garment or dust cover”

    From the far east thousands of years ago, till now, velvet has remained a symbol of luxury, and with Click Dryclean and Regent Drycleaners you can maintain the regality of your velvet garments.

    Regent Drycleaners has been in business since 1975, and during the 2012 Olympics cleaned items for the U.S., German, and Canadian teams. Zubair joined Click Dryclean with the hopes of participating in a “breakthrough of technology” and working along side our other cleaners.

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