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    How to Care for Gabardine
    July 09, 2015
    By Michaela Cook

    For our latest installment of Expert Talk we asked Nishit Patel of Cityclean about the very popular fabric gabardine, and how his shop cleans garments made from it. Gabardine is a tough, tightly woven fabric used to make suits, overcoats, trousers, uniforms, windbreakers, and other garments.

    “Gabardine garments must be cleaned on a delicate cleaning cycle just like any silk , linen , cashmere and most woolens , gabardine is now used in many garments as a mixed fabric so we would check all garment care labels to insure the garment gets put through the correct cleaning programme, delicate cleaning can be more expensive than the regular cleaning programme”

    Because gabardine is such a popular fabric, we asked Patel what readers at home can do to properly care for their garments made with gabardine.

    I would say leave to the dry cleaner if not sure, but garments can be washed, new washing machines these day do have delicate cycle washing programmes which can be used, but for these garments I would recommend dry cleaning only as colour loss can be a issue as well as shrinkage and loss of shape of the garment.

    Cityclean has been in business for over 32, has a friendly and experienced staff, and offers in-house tailoring and shoe repair services. Cityclean joined Click Dryclean because they saw the changing ways of London’s workforce,These days many people start work early and finish late i.e no fixed hours”, and wanted to tailor their business to fit their customers’ needs. The ease of pick up and delivery that the Click Dryclean APP provides it’s customers, enables Cityclean do just that.



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