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Want your stuff to be picked up from your office and delivered to your home for FREE? Not a problem anymore with Click Dryclean! 


Click Dryclean is London’s first mobile platform for dry cleaning-on-the-go services.

It's not just dry cleaning. Has your heel accidently got broken? With our app you can also order shoes repair, laundry, key cuting and alteration services in one go. 

We are partnering with over 400 best dry cleaning shops that cover all postcodes of London to deliver you the best service.


Experience convenient and hassle free dry cleaning-on-the-go services. With just the click of a few buttons, users can choose time and place to have their dry cleaning picked up and dropped off, at the same price the shop normally charges at no extra cost.

Download our free app today and make your first order now!

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Download our free app today

Place your first order with Click Dryclean and enjoy your clean clothes delivered to your door next day!


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